Football for Joomla "Gridiron" Available

GridIron-BoxSMGridiron is the best solution for managing (American) Football teams and/or leagues using Joomla. "Gridiron Manager" is a football manager software extension which allows Joomla webmasters to quickly create and maintain websites for football teams. Functionality is similar to the baseball version which integrates a back-end database to create dynamic pages including rosters, schedules, and stats, game box scores, and individual player pages. Registered users can even be selected to have certain admin rights to enter results and update schedule information from the front-end for their specific team. The latest version of the football manager extension is Joomla 3.6x and 2.5x compliant and available now for ONLY $49 with updates for one year and discounted renewals!

Example of game results entry page:


Menu links for pages produced by Gridiron Component:


For more details visit the Gridiron page.