Joomla Baseball Component

Fastball-Box3Baseball Team/League Manager Extension for Joomla

The latest version 3.4.2 installs on both Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.6x. Current subscribers always have access to the latest updates when they are available.

Please note: Fastball 1.5.6 for Joomla 1.5x will not be updated, and support for this version has ended. 


Extension updated for changes in Joomla 3.6x.


Various bug fixes


Allows season ID parameter for schedule page in order to display previous seasons.

Minor bug fixes


Minor bug fixes related to Stat import feature, Game Results module.


Installation file now supported by Joomla 2.5 or Joomla 3x so we n longer need to keep track of separate installers. 

Various bug fixes.



New option for creating a separate front-end admin menu link.

New popup modal window for adding new fields and teams within the schedule entry (admin side). 

Calendar loading bug fixed. 

Fixed issue with multiple schedule items only taking the first line.


  • Several minor bug fixes from initial release.

3.0.1 New Features 

  • Compatible with Joomla 3x.
  • CSV import feature for schedules.

2.5.3 New Features 

  • Additional standings sort methods. Default sort in Win Perc, Total wins, Losses, Ties, Head-to-Head, Run Differential. There is a new option to sort standings by Point System if points are used.

2.5.2 New Features

  • New CSV import option for individual stats. Users can now import stats from popular stat keeping programs such as iScore.
  • Bug fixes include intermittent browser crash when adding new teams, certain schedule hyperlinks showing incorrect results, and last 10 games stat column in standings fixed.
  • New option to enable/disable roster and stats links on team pages for teams who do not use them.
  • Updated boxscore plugin to match formatting of new default CSS file.

2.5.1 New Features

  • Additional CSS files added.
  • New option to show/not show the gametype on the schedule page.
  • Game Results Module updated to show game status if changed from "As Scheduled". 
  • Various bug fixes including certain schedule links not passing parameters correctly, HT/WT field not showing on roster page, division sort method for standings by Joomla order instead of division ID.
  • Improved formatting of Facebook and team website links.

2.5.0 New Features

  • Ability to add multiple schedules at once
  • Game results data entry streamlined and pitching order added.
  • New configurable points system for sorting standings (optional)
  • Ability to select CSS file making it easier to customize the Fastball table layouts.
  • New category P-Strikeouts added to Stat Module
  • Utility position added to list of positions
  • Added ability to print roster from front-end admin screen
  • League pull-down list order by Joomla order instead of alphanumeric
  • URL for Google Calendar updated
  • Option to add player photo thumbnail on Roster page
  • Game Results Module changes including new parameters, ability to select short/long name for teams, practices no longer appear like games.
  • Added gametype menu link parameter to schedule page in order to create special schedules such as practice schedule or tournament schedule, etc.
  • First listed player position determines which stat tab is loaded by default on the individual player page.
  • Various minor bug fixes

General Features - Fastball component 2.5.0

The Fastball Baseball Manager is a MUST HAVE for any webmaster using Joomla for their baseball/softball team sites! The ultimate Joomla baseball extension!

The Fastball baseball component for Joomla is designed to help manage your baseball team website.  The component creates a comprehensive database for entering team information, players, ballparks, schedules, game results, and individual player stats.  The component creates various web pages for your baseball team website and also creates links to access team roster, schedule, stats, box scores, and individual player pages.  Stats and other features are customizable in the configuration setup.

  • Ability to create leagues and divisions for managing multiple teams, or a single team.
  • Create/edit players, including options for individual player photo, position, home/away jersey number, position(s), height/weight and contact info.
  • Create/edit teams, manager contact info, upload team logo & photo.
  • Create/edit ballparks and fields.
  • Create seasons.
  • Create/edit schedules -> select season, game type, location, and status.
  • Enter game results with optional line score entry, and individual batting, pitching, and fielding categories in a user-friendly interface. Ability to enter batting order.
  • Create game types (exhibition, regular season, tournament, playoff) for use with Win/Loss module.
  • Configurable stat categories (turn on/off Pitching Stats and Fielding Stats, also config options for using Steals/Caught Stealing, and Sacrifices).
  • Ability to select registered users for FRONT-END admin access. Front-end admins can manage their rosters, schedules and enter game results without needing to login to the Joomla admin.
  • Ability to easily create menu links for Roster, Schedule, Stats, League/Division standings, as well as an “All Teams” w/built-in navigation links.
  • Component and modules compatible with Joomla SEF-friendly URLS.
  • Configurable schedule pages. Show full league, specific division or specific teams.
  • Printer-friendly and ICAL buttons added to schedule views. Import to calendar programs such as Google Calendar.
  • Player “Clone” feature allows a player to be on more than one team roster at a time (for all-star teams and other uses).
  • Boxscore plugin allows you to conveniently add boxscore information to an article.
  • Ability to load custom CSS file from the options.
  • With Fastball, you have the ability to customize your menu structure by linking directly to the pages you need:


Front-End Features - Fastball Component

  • Ability to assign registered users access to specific teams for entering and maintaining team data, including rosters, schedules and results (see screen clip below).
  • Several front-end pages are created dynamically by pulling the data entered by the Admin or selected users. Pages include Roster, Schedule (calendar, month, day, and full list views), Team Stats, Game Summary, and Individual Player pages.
  • Stat tables are sortable by column.


Baseball Modules

We have created customizable baseball modules to use with the Fastball component.

  • Win/Loss AND League Standings Module

Create a simple win/loss module for a single team OR customize the module to display all teams in a league or division (for use with Fastball component 1.2).

fastball baseball win loss module parameters

  • Next/Previous Game w/Results Module

Display "x" number of previous game results with links to box scores, practices, as well as upcoming games with links to the schedule page.  Can be customized to display multiple teams for league use.

fastball game-results-module-parameters

  • Stat Leaders Module

Display "x" number of players for various stat categories such as Hits, RBI's, Avg, or for pitchers, K's, ERA.  You configure the minimum At Bats or innings pitched.  Customizable to show a single team or league/division.

Site Examples

Over 200 baseball and softball sites are now using the Fastball Baseball Manager extension.  Here are a few of the baseball team websites using Joomla and the Fastball component to power their site.

Version History

  • Changed team and player stat pages to use tabs rather than select list to switch categories.
  • Split out and separated the divisions from the leagues admin pages in the backend admin so that divisions can be managed separately.
  • Added ordering capability to the backend division list view admin page.
  • Added the one-click update feature so that future component releases will be picked up in the Joomla Extension update.
  • Language file bug fixes.

1.7.0 changes

  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5/1.7.
  • Added language file.
  • Changed standings, roster tables to stretch 100% width to give all tables a uniform look and feel.
  • Editor added to player and team page, as well as box score page to allow more custom detail on team/player/box score pages.
  • Created option to disable batting stats.
  • Added season ID parameter to schedule links so that links to historical schedules be created.
  • Added Print link on roster page.
  • Fixed bug with individual player page not showing all positions.
  • Fixed bug related to 0-0 game showing as a tie – now shows as unplayed.
  • Removed CSS background and font overrides so default template styles are carried over.
  • Fixed issue with schedule pages not displaying “away” teams games.

1.5.4 Changes:

  • Language file created.
  • Added WYSIWYG editor to Team and Player pages as well as box score remarks to enable more creativity with these pages.
  • New alternate CSS file for websites with darker background, selectable in configuration.
  • Option to disable batting stats.
  • New fields for optional Facebook and website links created for teams with options to appear on team, roster, and schedule pages.
  • Added season ID parameter to schedule links in order to show historical season schedules/results.
  • Print function added to roster page.
  • Ability to “unscore” a game that was previously entered as 0-0.
  • Fix bug with individual player page not showing all positions.

1.5.3 Changes:

  • Fixed bug with pitching stats pulling incorrect fractions of Innings Pitched on individual game breakdown view.
  • League standings calculation issues concerning ties and Last 10 Games column.
  • Import/Export log table updated.
  • Team Pitching Stats error fixed.
  • All modules updated with caching parameters.
  • Box score plugin layout updated.

1.5.2 Changes:

  • Complete overhaul of code for MVC compliance.
  • New custom text fields (2) for players and configuration option to show these fields on the Roster page (ex., School Year, etc).
  • New sorting options for roster page (by Name or Jersey number).
  • Fix Google Map bug.
  • Stat columns sorting updated using AJAX
  • Game results module updated. Upcoming games based on current date rather than if game results are entered.
  • New PIT (pitch count) statistic.
  • New config option for calculating ERA on 7/9 IP
  • Search Filters for Players and Teams tables.
  • Team logo added to roster page.
  • Additional box score detail.
  • CSV IMPORT/EXPORT FEATURE FOR PLAYERS. Manage your player database on a spreadsheet for maintaining large databases.
  • Various bug fixes.


1.2.0.d release date 2009-06-10
- Fixed issue with companion modules not passing Itemid correctly
- Fixed issue with database prefix not being picked up correctly
- Fixed issue with frontend admin not carrying through the correct default team ID
- Fixed issue with frontend admin field names not saving in some instances
1.2.0.e release date 2009-10-08
- Security fix - vulnerability found on possible SQL Injection attack
1.2.1 release date 2009-10-27
- Fixed issue with some front-end admin features to be accessible by non-managers
- Fixed issue with player stats not sorting on the stats page after previous security fix was put into place
1.5.0 release date 2010-04-01
- This is a Native 1.5 version where the legacy plugin does not have to be enabled
1.5.1 bug fix release, release date 2010-05-10
- Fixed issue with forefits not displaying the correctly on game summary
- Fixed issue with listparkfields() funcion missing from frontend component
- Fixed issue on player profile page "Error reading the response: TypeError: obj is null" when fielding and/or pitching stats are turned off in the configuration file
- Fixed issue with "More(x)" link not displaying on the schedule calendar when more than three events are scheduled on the same day
- Changed schedule iCal file export to be be a valid iCa