Basketball Manager for Joomla

Development update: Full Court version 3.1.5 is now available for Joomla 3.6.5. 

FullCourt-BoxSMThe Basketball Manager for Joomla has been constructed based on the framework of our popular Fastball Baseball Manager/Gridiron Manager extensions. The basketball extension features a basketball component, modules, and plugin for managing a basketball team website or league website. The extension is available for Joomla 3.6.5 or 2.5x. Manage players, teams, schedules, venues/courts, statistics, and more. Ability to manage multiple teams in a league setting. Front-end admin privileges can be granted to any registered user of your website for specific team administration. Configuration options allow the webmaster to select which areas can be accessed.

Additional modules included are W/L, Game Results, and stats leaders.

Several language files are available for this component including French & Croatian, please inquire.

2.5.0 changes:

  • IMPORTANT UPDATE: the scoring formula used in the game results data entry (javascript) was not properly accounting for the correct total FG attempts which should including 3PT attempts. Please be sure your entries for FGM and FMA include 3PT attempts and 3PT made.
  • Stats import feature for individual player stats in game entry results screen. You can now import from a CSV from popular stats programs, and import saving data entry time. The import also creates new player accounts making it easier to create full box score with home and visiting team stats.
  • Added player photo thumbnail option for roster page.
  • Added optional points standings system in config option for sorting standings by points.
  • Additional menu link parameters added.
  • Option to use short/long team names on all modules.
  • Component option button added to all backend pages so it is easier to find.
  • Various bugs in stats module fixed.

1.7.3 changes:

  • Language changes are made on the back and front ends to use language files
  • 1-click update code is in place
  • Added optional Facebook and website links to the team, roster and schedule pages
  • Split out the league and divisions on the backend admin
  • Added the new division management in the backend admin
  • Added the ordering feature to the league and division backend admin to set the display order for leagues and divisions
  • Added HTML editor to back-end (players, teams) to allow custom HTML on those pages.
  • Added Season ID as parameter to the schedule page in order to link historical schedules
  • Added new Stats Leader page

Here is a screen picture of the game box score page:


Screen picture of individual player page: