Joomla Football Component - Gridiron Manager

Gridiron Manager - Football Manager Extension for Joomla


Gridiron 3.1.7 is the lastest version available for Joomla 3.6x or Joomla 2.5x. 

Admin Features - Gridiron component for Joomla

The Gridiron Manager for Joomla is designed to help manage your (American) football team website. This is a football component for Joomla which creates a comprehensive database for entering team information, players, fields, schedules, game results, and individual player stats. The component creates various web pages for your football team website and also creates links to access team roster, schedule, stats, game summaries, and individual player pages.

  • Ability to create leagues and divisions for managing multiple teams.
  • Create/edit players, including options for individual player photo, home/away jersey number, position(s), height/weight and contact info.
  • Create/edit teams, manager contact info, upload team logo & photo.
  • Create/edit game fields/stadiums.
  • Create seasons.
  • Create/edit schedules -> select season, game type, location, and status.
  • Import/Export feature for managing player database.
  • Enter game results with ease.
  • Example of game results entry page:


  • Create game types (exhibition, regular season, playoff) for use with Win/Loss module.
  • Ability to select registered users for FRONT-END admin access. Front-end users can manage their rosters, schedules and enter game results without needing to login to the Joomla admin.
  • Create customizable menu links for the menu structure you prefer.
  • Menu links for pages produced by Gridiron Component:


Front-End Features - Gridiron Component

  • Ability to assign registered users access to specific teams for entering and maintaining team data, including rosters, schedules and results.
  • Several front-end pages are created dynamically by pulling the data entered by the Admin or selected users. Pages include Roster, Schedule (calendar, month, day, and full list views), Team Stats, Game Summary, and Individual Player pages.
  • Stat tables are sortable by column.

Football Modules

Configurable modules to use with the Gridiron component:

  • Win/Loss AND League Standings Module

Create a simple win/loss module for a single team OR customize the module to display all teams in a league or division.

  • Next/Previous Game w/Results Module

Display "x" number of previous game results with links to box scores, as well as upcoming games with links to the schedule page.  Can be customized to display multiple teams for league use.

  • Stat Leaders Module

Configurable to display offensive / defensive stats for players or teams.
(PLEASE NOTE! The Stat Leaders module is being fixed and is currently not in the download package but will be added this week)


Website Example

Here is a great website example:Amarillo Venom
Professional football team customized Gridiron to power their website.



March 2014 - 3.0.3

Various bug fixes since initial release.


October 2013 - 3.0

Initial Joomla 3 compatible version.


September 2013 - 2.5.2

Bug fix release. 


June 2013 - 2.5.0

Option to show player photo thumbnails on roster page.

New Scheduling functionality in admin allows entering multiple schedules at a time.

All modules have new parameters such as using short/long team names.

Game results module shows gametype practice differently than games.

Gametype menu link parameter added to schedule page so special specials can be created (such as practice schedules or tournament schedules).

Option to show/no show gametype on schedule page.

Various bug fixes.

Division sort order now by Joomla order instead of Division ID.

Improved formatting of Facebook and team website links on the team pages.


August 2012 -

  • Various bug fixes related to schedule and team stats links where double digit teams IDs were not correctly passed.

April 2012 - 1.7.0

  • Complete rewrite of component and modules for Joomla 1.6+ compatibility.
  • Language file.
  • New stats leaders page similar to stats leaders module.
  • Ability to control order of divisions displayed in modules and standings pages.
  • Alternative CSS file added, configurable in options.
  • WYSIWYG editor added for team, roster, and player pages.
  • Optional fields added for Facebook and website on team pages. Config options to display these fields on team pages and schedules.
  • Added season ID parameters to schedule links in order to show historical schedules.
  • Print function added to roster page.
  • More config options to show/now show scoring summary, team stats comparison, and kicking/punting individual stats in box score. 

September 2011 - 1.5.4

  • Adds CSV Import/Export feature for managing PLAYERS database.
  • Added Safety (S) option to scoring summary option in box score admins.
  • Stats Module Released
  • Added configuration option in all modules to display team logos.
  • Added Kicking, kick return, punting, punt return, fumble, and interception stats to team and player stats pages.
  • Reversed stat entry for FG and XP so it is now Made/Att rather than Att/Made.
  • Changed front end box score scoring summary detail to tally the scoring totals with each summary.
  • Added Save Only button in addition to the Save & Exit button on the game results worksheet so that stats can be saved and taken back to the entry form without exiting.
  • Team stats pages now only show stat categories if there is data for that category.
  • Replaced some misc. PHP short open tags on the export feature that caused problems with the php.ini had short open tags turned off.
  • Fixed various bugs: saving XP stats for kickers, individual stats game breakdown showing home team as opponent, Defensive/Special Teams TD field not saving in team stat comparison worksheet, issue with not being able to remove player stats in the box score entry form, and bug in W/L module where it would not show multiple leagues, and issue with gametypes.
  • Updated code in all modules so that league teams that are not part of a division will display

August 2011 - 1.5.3

  • Updated all modules with caching parameters.
  • New configuration option for displaying roster page by name or jersey number.
  • New configuration option for turning on/off front-end admin functions.
  • Fixed labeling issue with Custom player fields
  • Fixed stats page not loading default season
  • Fixed various front-end stat entry issues including layout, save button, adding new locations, and broken images links for team logos.
  • Fixed error on individual stat page in the rushing category.

July 2011 - 1.5.2

  • Calendar layout next/previous month links – fixed.
  • Number of days in the calendar/wrong number of days – fixed.
  • SEF parameters – fixed (was a part of the calendar issue) – when SEF is turned on it was causing a problem with the calendar/schedule links.
  • League / Division / Team ID parameters on component schedule links – fixed.
  • iCal file export – added time zone to the file feed.
  • Defensive stats, kicking, punting, returns stats fixed in front and back end.

May 2011 - 1.5.1

  • Front-end create new player bug fixed.
  • Team stats page missing season ID parameter.
  • Age column in roster page bug.
  • Filters in backend tables now working properly.
  • Various errors in the Game Results data entry Game Summary section.
  • Front-end box score not showing overtime summary.
  • Standings page bug showing only one team.
  • Division by zero error related to passing stats when 0 attempts entered.

03/22/2011 - 1.5.0 official release

12/27/2010 - 1.5.0 beta. Initial release.

1.2.0.c release date 2009-06-08
- 1.2.0.c is the first public releas of this package for Multi-Team or League use. Please visit for more information.
1.2.0.d release date 2009-06-10
- Fixed issue with companion modules not passing Itemid correctly
- Fixed issue with database prefix not being picked up correctly
- Fixed issue with frontend admin not carrying through the correct default team ID
- Fixed issue with frontend admin field names not saving in some instances
1.2.0.e release date 2009-10-08
- Security fix - vulnerability found on possible SQL Injection attack
1.2.1 release date 2009-10-27
- Fixed issue with some front-end admin features to be accessible by non-managers
- Fixed issue with player stats not sorting on the stats page after previous security fix was put into place
1.5.0 release date 2010-04-01
- This is a Native 1.5 version where the legacy plugin does not have to be enabled
1.5.1 bug fix release, release date 2010-05-10
- Fixed issue with forefits not displaying the correctly on game summary
- Fixed issue with listparkfields() funcion missing from frontend component
- Fixed issue on player profile page "Error reading the response: TypeError: obj is null" when fielding and/or pitching stats are turned off in the configuration file
- Fixed issue with "More(x)" link not displaying on the schedule calendar when more than three events are scheduled on the same day
- Changed schedule iCal file export to be be a valid iCal 2.0 format


Football demo site link